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File Upload

Please let us know if you need any assistance sending your files to us.

Sending Artwork to Custom Colour Printing

Option 1 | Upload your Artwork to the Custom Colour Printing Website

Once you have uploaded artwork to the our website, these files can then be retrieved by your Dedicated Account Manager. If you are planning on placing an order online today, you will have the opportunity to attach your artwork files before you submit the order.

Option 2 | Email Artwork to your Dedicated Account Manager

If you are placing an order online or through your Account Manager, you may prefer to email your artwork files to your Dedicated Account Manager directly. Please keep files under 20 MB when emailing files. Once you have placed an online order you will be contacted by your Dedicated Account Manger who wil give you an email address which you can use to send us your files.

Option 3 | FTP Upload

Custom Colour Printing has an FTP website that you may use to upload large artwork files (500 MB+ files) for an order. The website can be accessed from any web browser or you may wish to use FTP software, which can be downloaded free online, to manage your file transfers. FTP software may improve the reliability and speed of your file transfers.

If you wish to upload your artwork to our FTP website, you must first place an order with Custom Colour Printing. Your Dedicated Account Manager will then give you specific instructions for your FTP upload access.

Option 4 | Send Custom Colour Printing a CD or Key Fob

Art elements can be sent on CD or key fob. Such files must be accompanied by a printout of your artwork.

Please send to:

Custom Colour Printing
Attn: Your Dedicated Account Manager
AS 69A, Jalan Hang Tuah 4, Taman Salak Selatan, Off Jalan Sg. Besi, 57100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Option 5 | We Can Download Your Artwork from Another Location

Custom Colour Printing can download your artwork files via a storage location of your choice. Examples would include services such as,,, an FTP server or a URL that contains the artwork. Download instructions for the artwork should be given to your Dedicated Account Manager once you have placed an order. Custom Colour Printing will also need a pdf or fax copy of your artwork.